Our Story

Our Story

Bakenshoogte is a 5.5 ha farm, part of one of Bot River’s old historic farms, i.e. Compagniesdrift.

We are situated next to the main N2 road leading to Hermanus.  Our neighbours are Kogelberg nature reserve and Wildekranz wines.

Bakenshoogte belongs to Johan and Wilma Punt, with their sons Gilbert and Hendri. The energetic bloodhound, Jake, is part of the family.  The soil consists of weathered table mountain sandstone and seems to suit our olive trees.  The orchard was established in 2005 and extended in 2006.

Why olive trees, would you ask? We have tried a lot of things, even beautiful dorper stud sheep – but unfortunately, the meat of stud sheep tastes(ek dink!) exactly the same than those of other sheep!  So we planted olive trees – nobody will pick and eat fresh olives! The olive orchard was also an easy way for Johan to get Wilma, a former teacher, to become part of the farm.

The olive orchard consists of the following Italian varieties: 50% Frontoia, 30% Leccino and 20% Corotina. To add more nuttiness and fruitiness to our oil, small plantings of  Favolosa and Nocellaro olives are currently being established.

The olive tree is a sacred tree, dated from Biblical times and therefore our trees are being cared for with great love and respect.

Ns. Our dorper sheep have since moved to our farm Grootfontein, near the small village of Dewetsdorp in the Freestate.